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Pre-Competition Registration

Each unique dog/handler combination  has to register with us.  This is so that we can issue a competitor number for this team – you will use the same competitor number in every competition they enter with the RallyOnline Group.  This your Ring Number.

This is to keep in line with regulations where teams are only identified in the ring by their number.

This is a one off registration which lasts for the lifetime of the dog (or until ownership changes).

Handler updates – for example changes in address or domestic status are subsequently free.

A change in handler or owner to another person would mean that we need to issue a new competitor number, so a new registration would be needed.

The registration fee is £5 per team. This includes a laminated number plus bonus sign, which will be sent to you by post. This means you need to register with enough time for us to get these to you by Royal Mail before you want to enter your first competition! If you are registering from outside the UK the registration fee is £6.00 to cover the increased postage.

These laminated signs need to be used in each video! Watch “how to start your round”. This has been designed to identify you, inform the judge whether you wish to attempt the bonus, and to demonstrate to the judge that you don’t have anything concealed in your hands!

Replacement signs can be emailed to you (for you to print out) without charge, or replacement laminated signs can be ordered from us a fee of £4 for each set.

Register here