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Links, Resources and what’s needed to start Rally

A set of KC Rally signs – downloadable from   http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/activities/rally/

Initially you will need signs for levels 1 and 2, as these are the two classes which teams start off competing in.  

Alternatively treat yourself to a set of laminated signs from http://www.rally-o.com/

Either way, laminated signs are going to last longer than paper ones.

Sign holders and numbers will be needed before you want to compete. They are available to buy, or it is quite acceptable to make your own if you are that way inclined!

Although if you are just going to train the courses and not compete, then numbers and sign holders aren’t essential….but they do make it easier to remember where to go and see what the next sign is!

Cones are almost always needed in one exercise or another in Rally. This can either be spirals (3 cones) or a line of 4 cones. Sometimes both,  so 7 cones are part of the “kit”. Correctly sized cones are available from http://www.rally-o.com/  or places like toy shops (where I found my first set!)

If you currently use anything other than a flat collar /lead combination, then you need to start familiarising yourself and your dog that this is the only option for Rally competitions. Personally, I like to have a special collar for Rally – as it’s a bit like setting the context for you both….or us putting on “dog walking” shoes…..we know what’s coming up…..

If you are planning on training outdoors, then it’s worth considering some means of marking the edges of your ring – this could be other cones, pebbles from the beach, or even an old jumper at each corner. Or you could use nothing….but don’t forget that rule about your dog not leaving the ring….so if you have a dog who might wander a bit, make it clear to the judge and yourself…

The other thing that you really “need” for Rally is a bucket load of motivation for your dog. This usually means food or toy rewards. As early as possible in your training get your dog used to you NOT carrying this on your person all the time…..but still rewarding by moving quickly to a short distance away from the signs and feeding/playing. This is a really important building block for competing in any competitions where you aren’t allowed to carry food/play in the ring with your toy!

As you get more interested and “into” Rally…then there is a wealth of information out there….


Chat about our own RallyOnline Group competitions….


This is a secret group - which means that access to it is limited to those entering the event

More discussions….



Above all….make it fun and enjoyable for you and your dog. The worst thing  should be that your dog gets food off you, or gets to play a game …and you have a laugh!