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My dog isnt KC Registered. What should I do?

If you wish to just register directly with us then proceed straight to the Pre-competition registration page and choose a name for your dog.  We will assign you a ROL number. In the future if we achieve Kennel Club licenced status for RallyOnline competitions, it is currently unknown if any awards would be able to be carried forward for dogs only registered with us.

I live outside the UK, can I still compete?

Yes! You can  register your dog with the UK Kennel Club to obtain an ATC  (authority to compete) number. This can be on the pedigree breed register or the activities register. Information how to obtain an ATC is here.  Or you can register as above for dogs without a KC registration.

Once you have your ATC then you need to complete our “Pre-competition  Registration

Both of these are one off.. Then you can get on with the fun bit…..

How do I start entering RallyOnline competitions?

You need to register each dog/handler combination with us. This is our “Pre-competition  Registration” .  This is so that we can issue a competitor number for this unique team.

This is a one off registration which lasts for the lifetime of the dog (or until ownership changes). Handler updates – for example changes in address or marital status are subsequently free.

A change in handler or owner to another person would mean that we need to issue a new competitor number, so a new registration would be needed.

For households with multiple dogs, discounts are available.

Watch the video – “how to start your round”

Why do I have to use Kennel Club signs for the course?  Do I need to use numbers?

RallyOnline Group competitions are designed to be as near as possible to a real life KC licenced show……

What do I do if I don’t want anyone other than the judge to see my video?

If you have opted in to the agreement to share your video (on the entry form), and now wish to change your mind…..that’s ok…just send us an email (admin@rallyonline.org) with all the details .

If you have chosen not to opt in (on the entry form) that is fine, we will honour your decision and only pass the video link onto your specific judge.

In both cases, it is up to you how /when you remove it from the YouTube site. Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure it is there & available for the judging.