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About us

Commitment to Canine Welfare

The RallyOnline Group has been started by Sally Sanford, a retired APBC member & Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist.  With an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour she has the highest standards in connection with Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare.  

The idea behind online competition is that it gives owners and dogs who cannot attend shows due to welfare reasons the chance to participate in an alternative manner. Where there are welfare considerations – for example due to distance, travel sickness, stress in busy environments, or temperament issues, online competition provides a realistic alternative.

Online competition will also help with Rally Judges training, improve standards among competitors and assist newcomers to the sport with remote learning possibilities. Promoting Rally training and competition in itself is promoting canine welfare!

RallyOnline competition rules will mean that entrants sign a declaration ensuring that they are committed to upholding the Welfare Five Freedoms. This particularly means that owners are committed to ensuring their dogs are appropriately looked after and are supported by their vets regarding suitability for undertaking Rally training & online competition.

       freedom from hunger or thirst.

       freedom from thermal or physical discomfort.

       freedom from pain, injury and disease.

       freedom from fear and distress.

       freedom to indulge in normal behaviour patterns.

By promoting online competition the RallyOnline Group is actively promoting training and  building a close relationship between dog and owner. As such this will increase the value of the dog as a companion animal for the owner, and thus reduce the likelihood of the owner relinquishing the dog.

Making competitions more accessible promotes more participation!

Who we are

Sally’s Rally achievements