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A bit of background

Rally is a fantastic sport for encouraging owners and their dogs to build a great relationship. It is  suited to more dogs and handlers than any other dog sport…. You don’t need any particular characteristics to take part – dogs or handlers. One breed doesn’t dominate the participants, nor one level of fitness, nor one age group! Anyone can have a go…how successful you are will depend on the amount of effort you are willing to invest in training! We believe that the best training is where dogs and handlers have a blast together.

RallyOnline has grown out of an idea to make Rally available anywhere and accessible to more dogs and their handlers.

Modern technology has now got to the stage where almost every smartphone, tablet, camera, & laptop has the capability to video. There are articles in the media every week about the digital world we live in, making it possible to work, play and train anywhere in the world!

Not only will RallyOnline enable more people to compete it will also enable more people to access quality Rally training who can’t attend classes. This might be due to distance, behavioural traits or awareness of mental health issues.

If you’re not competitively minded, then you can just download the courses and use them for free. Equally you might decide you’d like some help, and choose to take advantage of our Mentoring events where you can get feedback from experienced KC Rally Judges and trainers.

By opting in to sharing your videos you will be actively helping drive standards up within the KC Rally world. The Kennel Club are rightly keen to promote Judges Training and we want to help them by making these videos available to them. Handles, Judges & Trainers - none of us ever stop learning….It is amazing how much you can learn just by watching other handlers and dogs!

Who we are

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Our commitment to Canine Welfare